this. so much this.

WHY DO SENSITIVE INTROVERTS WITHDRAW?  I <3 this. I cannot even express my love for these words of validation if you’re finding this month to be a little rougher than you expected.

especially in these long, dark winter days when the radiator is perpetually broken and the coffee has spilled on the sidewalk and you want to be alone yet your job requires so. many. people. and you just want to nap.

this is for you my friend as we push through and wait for the spring light; be kind to those who need space, give yourself some space. we’ll all be okay.

new year, new reading list

Merry Bookish Christmas to me! Thanks to Trevor (plus a couple bonus gifts from others, some unpictured), I’ve got some fantastic options for kicking off my year including some books about books and writing that I’m dying to crack open.

FullSizeRender 2

Along with these new additions to my shelf, here are the 12 books I’m assigning myself to read this year.  Last year I chose 60 books to push myself to read more from genres I tend to avoid and while I only read 2/3 of that list, I did meet my goal in reading more diversely so I’m counting it as a win. I’m keeping my 2016 list shorter so that I can have more freedom with the rest of my reading time, though I’m still planning to read as much as possible, keep your recommendations coming.


2016 Book Goals: About half of these 12 are on this list because while I want to read them, they’re looooong and I need a little extra push to tackle them sooner rather than later. Others are on here because they’ve been strongly recommended, but I’ve never quite gotten to them. And some are just books that looks great. Let’s hope I can stick to this list a little better than last year.

January: A Clash of Kings. Last year, one of my first books completed was the first Game of Thrones book. It was excellent, but I definitely needed a break before I felt inspired to keep going, especially because epic fantasies are not really my thing. I had the urge to continue back in October, but I decided saving it for January could become my thing for the next few years until I catch up with this series.

February: The Luminaries. Olivia is amazingly psychic and got me this book for Christmas! It’s going to be difficult to wait for February, but I do want to keep my commitment to good old JRR Martin first. Another long book, but one I’m excited to finally get around to after hearing a lot about it a couple years ago when it won the Mann Booker Award.

March: Speaking of Jesus, the Art of Non-Evangelism. Time for a change in genre and a  little more time with Jesus in the Lent season. I’ve had a free e-copy of this for years and have never quite gotten to it.

April: The Blind Assassin. Slowly crossing more Atwood off the list (why was I never required to read the Handmaid’s Tale in school?) and I’m reading this earlier in the year in the hopes it leads to more Atwood the rest of year.

May: The Red Tent. Long recommended by many aunts, a book that I’ve seen around the KY house for ages, and a book Kaela has recommended even before she finished it herself. Good enough for me to bump it up the list.

June: Boy, Snow, Bird. To be followed by a lot of other fairy tale inspired choices over the summer (I hope). Another recommendations from my favorite Birdie.

July: The Goldfinch (Because this probably overlaps with a vacation and maybe it will be a good time to tackle another one of the longest books on the list?) I’ve checked this pulitzer out from the library a few times but never actually opened it.

August: Let the Great World Spin. Mentioned a lot at Christmas this year, it got bumped up on the list. However this is the one I’m least attached to if you want to suggest something else.

September: Middlemarch (I debated putting this one in March because that would make me chuckle every time, but I decided the three longest books in a row was a terrible idea). This popped up on a few fall reading lists this year, so I’m saving it for next fall.

October: Bird By Bird. Because a writing memoir is a perfect way to inspire me to consider nanowrimo again come November. However, I’m not sure I can wait until October to read this now that I have my very own copy begging for my attention.

November: A Prayer for Owen Meany. Because it feels like a cozy choice for a reason I can’t explain until I read it.

December: The Golden Compass (and sequels) A popular holiday read and a series I always meant to read and never got to. (Except for that time I listened to half of the second book back in middle school without realizing it was the second in a trilogy).


Happy bookish new year!  What book are you most excited to read this year? Any other recommendations that should be added to my list?


PS- Check out my 2015 reads here.

kindness matters, people matter

I’ve been working through this bible study lately and I’m growing increasingly aware of the fact that Jesus basically spent his whole life demonstrating how to show love to strangers and yet we go around complety ignoring that fact and living our self-centered lives. I’ve been wrestling with what hospitality should look like in my life, and then I stumbled across this poem and found myself in tears as I realized at last that sometimes, it’s pretty simple. 

May we all remember to show love to strangers, in the hopes that we all can find those places in which we feel ‘safe and seen enough to let go.’