For Celia

70. 140. 19. ?. 63. 13. 10. 1,000,000.


70 students. 140 tutoring sessions a week. 19 teachers to update. a mysterious number of afterschool staff who are constantly changing but who I can mostly boss around. 63 volunteers to train and support and befriend so they keep coming every week. 13 awesome people in my work family who make this job super fun but who I don’t get to see nearly enough. 10 more students I’m supposed to fit into an already insane workload.  1,000,000 emails as I make constant changes to my schedule every single freaking day.


That’s what my  average week looks like these days. And let’s be real, my preferred number of people to talk to in a day is probably about 25. So… when you add in all those elementary students, stressed-out teachers, crazy afterschool teachers, tutors who range from retired and adorable to high school and high-maintenance, it doesn’t leave much time for anyone or anything else.  I come home from work and thoroughly enjoy my time to myself leaving very little room for anyone else aside from texting Vanessa because she’s the best.  Time zones are not the only reason I make all my life plans and skype calls on Saturday.  Don’t worry, I completely love my job. I LOVE literacy.


It just means I don’t have much mental or social energy left over to tell you anything else about my life. But I’ll try. To be honest, I’m not sure what to tell you anymore. My cool California life is still very cool though. Probably.



Want some new year’s resolutions? I only have them for January so far.


Some of my January Goals (because some are really boring or I just don’t care enough about you to share them):


Read 4 new books. So far: The Devil’s Interval (BORING. Worst ending to a murder mystery ever. But in SF, cool.) and Call the Midwife (LOVE LOVE LOVE. Memoir- Love. 1950s London- Love. Strong female character- Love. Nuns- Love. It can’t lose.) Next- The Bone Season (no clue) and Tiny Beautiful Things (SEE KAELA?)


Go to the Y 10 times. So far: once. But I’ve got new shoes and a spin-class date next week so I have high hopes that this could happen.


Make (and follow) a training plan for Bay to Breakers. Bay to Breakers is my May goal– run a 12k; I hate running– I’m crazy. But at least this month I can probably get away with only running once or twice.


Volunteer on MLK day.  This is technically an americorps requirement, but I’m going to count it anyway. At least we are doing a real service project instead of a dumb peace walk through a deserted part of the city. (Peace is important. Peace walks are not.) I’m going to plant things I think! I’ll probably step on a snail like the last time I worked in a school garden….


2014. It’s gonna be great.

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